Our Team

Alejandro Montague


Email: asmontag@ucsc.edu

Hi, I'm Alejandro! I'm a Computer Science major, I am interested in network security and renewable energy. During my free time, I like playing with my dog George, trying new foods, and going skiing.

Ivy Phan

Vice President

Email: inphan@ucsc.edu

Hi, I'm Ivy! I'm a Technology and Information Management major and I am interested in renewable energy. I enjoy taking lead in things -- managing projects and activities, and my hobbies include volunteering, cooking, and traveling.

Gia Alexis Garado


Email: agarado@ucsc.edu

 My name is Gia Alexis, and I'm a second year computer engineering major! I'm usually at the beach, running, or writing code. I'm passionate about developing technology that can be used for social good.

Thomas Huang

Operation Management

Email: thuang29@ucsc.edu

Hi, my name is Thomas Huang and currently studying Technology and Informational Management. I like listening to podcasts and playing video games in my spare time.

Ethan De Alejandro

Technical Lead

Email: edealaja@ucsc.edu

A second year Robotic Engineer and the Tech lead of the club, Ethan enjoys working on new projects with collaborative work that he hopes to one day bring into the field. His passions include racing, aerospace technology, and design, and eventually aspires to be an Automation Engineer.


Media Lead

Email: palatsan@ucsc.edu

 Hey, my name is Pema. I'm a Business Management Economics major. In my free time I try to explore, travel, and stay active. I also love to sing!

Victoria McAlister

Outreach Coordinator

Email: vmcalist@ucsc.edu

Hi! I'm Victoria, a second year pursuing an Environmental Studies and Economics combined major. My goal is to work in a field where I can improve the livelihood of humans and the environmental alike.

Nicholas Jannuzzi


Email: njannuzz@ucsc.edu

I’m Nick, I’m a third year robotics major and I’m interested in sustainable engineering and design projects.

Hearyun Chon

Graphic Media

Email: hychon@ucsc.edu

Hello, my name is Hearyun Chon and I am currently a second year in Computer Engineer major. I spend most of my free time listening to music and making crafts.