Our Team

Cora Monokandilos



I’m Cora, I’m a fourth year CS major hoping to work in the intersection of social impact, technology, and education. I enjoy creating 3D graphics and learning to play the trumpet.

Magdalena Ortiz Fischer

Vice President


Hi I’m Magdalena! I enjoy computer science and I study Technology and Information Management. Starting this club appealed to me since I have always enjoyed participating in international service projects with my family. In my free time I love surfing and skiing too.

Allyson Diaz



Hello! I am Allyson Diaz, a third year student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I would love to work in the renewable energy or Power Engineering industry in the future. In my free time, I like to pet dogs and relax with a funny movie or show.

Nicole Man



Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m an astrophysics major, my favorite band is Acid Ghost, and I love to read Sci-Fi books!!

Phil Canete

Technical Lead


Hi, I'm Phil! I'm a third year electrical engineering major who enjoys working on personal projects and entrepreneurship. I'm the technical lead for EWB, so if you're curiouss about the team let me know!

Audrey Piatt

Media Lead


Hey I'm Audrey. I'm a genetics major with a focus on molecular neurology. I like long walks through the forest, dogs, and spotify's discover weekly playlist.

Spencer Cody

Outreach Coordinator


Hi! Spencer's the name, astrophysics is my game. 

Nicholas Jannuzzi



I’m Nick, I’m a third year robotics major and I’m interested in sustainable engineering and design projects.

Michelle Parent

Graphic Media


Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a 2nd year CS major. I love spending time with my two pups, Miso and Ginger, snowboarding and messing around with web development.