Mini Solar Design, Cameroon

     This projects aims to alleviate the accessibility issues that the people of Takui and those of surrounding villages in the Nso Fondom of Northwestern Cameroon often encounter. The difficulties addressed by our project include securing clean water and an affordable, consistent source of electricity. Our proposed project is to work with members of the local Takui and Shukai communities for sustainable project implementation alongside the Takui Area Development Union and a local NGO. Specific project goals include designing, building, and implementing a solar-based water pumping system in the village of Takui as a demonstration project for the area. Later plans include expansion into the nearby villages, stretching water distribution to primary buildings where drinking fountains will be located. The project also proposes the design and construction of individualized solar home packages intended to be purchased, installed and maintained at the household level. This is also intended as a pilot project in the village of Shukai, long term plans expand and tie individual solar installations into a larger micro-grid. 

Arboretum Solar Panel, UCSC

     Engineers Without Borders - UCSC is developing an off-grid solar panel grid system that will bring power to the UCSC Arboretum's East Greenhouse. This project will bring solar power to the East Greenhouse, which currently supports a variety of plant life as well as a prototype aquaponics system, through implementing photovoltaic solar panels with sealed saltwater batteries. Additionally, this installation will provide the greenhouse with a renewable energy source, taking it off of a carbon-sourced power, but also serves the dual purpose of providing UCSC students with practical, hard-earned skills of planning and building a solar energy allocation grid.